Dr. Jill Taylor

It is important to learn about the doctor in whom you trust your health. A combination of formal education, training and experience form Dr. Taylor's credentials, credentials which uniquely qualify her to provide you with the best approach to achieving your optimum health. Here are a few highlights:

  • Specializing in Family Practice. Fully licensed in Texas
  • Graduated New York Institute of Technology, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine 1989
  • Worked in Medical, Drug and Disease Research for three years as a Pharmacologist
  • Worked in academic medical research for three years
  • Holds patents in Disease Research
  • Has publications in several Medical Journals
  • Speaks Medical Spanish

On a more personal note, Dr. Taylor's mother died from breast cancer and her sister is battling it. Dr. Taylor is a strong women's health advocate because the healthcare industry and pharmaceutical companies have convinced women to take hormones that do more harm than good. She is committed to educating women on the negative aspects of some traditional medicines and introducing them to a holistic, natural approach to their health care.

Watch Dr. Taylor speak about her background.