Initial Consultation

Kingwood, TX - Taylor Wellness Advantage - Initial Consultation

Our staff and physicians are passionate about offering the finest personal attention and medical care. We spend time with you in order to understand the causes of your symptoms and educate you about the solutions. It might be unusual for a patient to spend a large amount of time exploring symptoms with a doctor, but this is the standard practice at Taylor Wellness Advantage (TWA). Each guest spends, on average, one hour in a medical history interview even before the initial physician evaluation.

Even before you visit TWA, a comprehensive history is taken which is evaluated by one of our physicians on the day of your arrival. During your initial visit, your history is reviewed between you and the physician along with your diet, lifestyle and symptoms you are experiencing. Taylor Wellness Advantage obtains current information by performing a physical, extensive lab studies, electrocardiogram and a bone density test. This results in the recommendation of a comprehensive plan to strengthen your immune system and increase your energy level using a 7-point Treatment Regimen where indicated:

  1. Allergy Testing
  2. Treatment of Yeast
  3. Bio-Identical Thyroid Hormone Supplementation
  4. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement in Females and Males
  5. Treatment of Adrenal Fatigue
  6. Vitamin and Mineral Supplementatio
  7. Nutritionally Balanced Eating Program

Numerous symptoms are often caused by a few underlying problems that can be solved with simple, natural solutions.