Preventative Medicine

At Taylor Family Practice we strive to educate the patient in multiple aspects of preventative medicine. That is, we try to teach patients what to do and what to avoid, optimizing your health and preventing disease entities in life. For example, patients with skin and lung issues are offered multiple ways to minimize their environmental, chemical exposures and irritants. Patients with intestinal problems or digestive issues are offered various solutions from healthy, organic coffee to probiotics and yeast cleansing as well as body pH neutralization. The body's acid/base balance is vital to cancer prevention, hormonal function and proper body enzyme activity. Simply put: Cancer loves acid, the body loves basic.

Nutritional supplementation, based on individual need, is key to a multi-angular approach to disease prevention. We optimize vitamin and mineral balance as a natural means of minimizing symptoms and maximizing prevention. Vitamins and minerals help all aspects of the body’s ability to function properly and optimally.