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      Very pleased with Doc Taylor and her staff. She is up front, direct and explains things well. I've been using her office for several years now and will continue to do so.

      - J C

      I’ve been using this doctors office for a few years now. I’ve seen every doctor there. All great. Very straight forward and informative. Never rushed and they always spend however much time in the room as you want. I recommend them to everyone I know. They don’t play into the political bs going on either. They truly do what’s best for the patient.

      - Randi

      Dr Taylor is the BEST doctor I’ve ever known. Informative and knowledgeable. We are lucky to have her expertise!

      - Tara

      Doctor Taylor is an amazing Doctor. She takes time to address your symptoms and explains everything with you. She is heaven sent. I thank God for Doctor Taylor. She is awesome. She is so amazing with many different medications and is an expert in that field. I have very serious medical issues and I know I am in great medical hands with Doctor Taylor. I love you Doctor Taylor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️.

      - Ray

      Dr. Taylor is by far the best doctor I have ever used. Moving to Taylor Family Practice is the best medical decision we have ever made. Her approach is holistic and not just 'here is a prescription' and move on. My wife and I really feel like we are under the care of a doctor and an organization that cares. I would highly recommend Taylor Family practice to anyone. We live in the center of Houston and are still happy to drive up to get the best care in Houston.

      - Mark

      Dr. Taylor is absolutely the best! I have been to many doctors thru the years for Thyroid and other health issues. Dr. Taylor has been spot on and accurate with my treatment. Her knowledge, experience and treatment is by far the best I have ever had.
      Dr. Taylor’s staff has always been wonderful too! Thank you all!

      - K

      I went back in to see Dr. Taylor for my follow up visit today. She assured me that the front desk issues have been resolved and that it will not happen again. Just the same as when I saw Dr. Taylor last week, she was just as efficient and caring this visit. She is definitely on a mission to cure me from the symptoms that I have had since December. I appreciate the care and time that she takes with her patients. I will continue to see Dr. Taylor and would definitely recommend her to my family and friends. I like Dr. Taylor and was impressed with the time she took with figuring out my symptoms and the best plan to take care of the same condition I have had for 2 months and saw 2 other doctors. I was hoping to keep her as my Primary Care Physician since I am currently looking for one. But now due to other issues, I am considering not doing that which I hate because as a doctor I think she is great. Her office hours an pharmacy hours are not good for average working people. I also find the front staff to be very rude and not customer friendly. I work in customer service and would not have a job if I handled my customers the way that they handle patients.

      - Jerre

      My life before Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement can be summed up in two words - Confused Desperation. At the beginning of 2008, I had several physical, as well as mental concerns that really troubled me. I was forgetful and tired all the time. My mid-section had spread even though I was watching what I ate and exercising. All sexual feelings had subsided and I even told my wife...IT CAN'T BE ME! I started having night sweats (my side of the bed would be yellow) and I was so sleep deprived...I knew I had to do something! My wife had started Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy with Dr. Taylor a few years earlier and she was a totally different person! After finally talking to my wife about how I was really feeling, she suggested that I make an appointment to see Dr. Taylor. At my first appointment, Dr. Taylor seemed to know exactly what I was talking about and ordered a blood test. She also started me on a testosterone injection once a week, an oral hormone known as DHEA twice a day and Men's Energy Formula. After the blood test results Dr. Taylor adjusted the dosages and I was on my way! In a few short months I began to feel better! My sex drive returned (I'm not only better, but more confident in that department), my memory improved and even my belly began to shrink! It was truly amazing to watch this transformation! Since then, I've switched to Testosterone Cream twice a day and still go back a couple of times a year to be monitored. Three years later, I can honestly tell you that I'm a better man! I feel and act years younger! My wife and I go dancing (great cardio exercise) and we are having the time of our life! Just like we did when we first got married, over 26 years ago! So, guys...if you're experiencing any of the above symptoms, do yourself a favor, first talk to your partner and second call Dr. Taylor's office and make an appointment. It will truly change your life!

      - Ron, Kingwood, Texas

      I've been seeing Dr. Jill Taylor at Taylor Family Practice/Taylor Wellness Advantage for about 10 years and on Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for 5. In 2006, while visiting my brother in Florida, I became very ill. I had no idea what was going on. My sister-in-law suggested that I take my blood pressure. It was out of control! I called Dr. Taylor's office from Florida and told them what was going on. Dr. Taylor herself got on the phone and told me to get to her office as soon as I landed at Bush, which I did. What other doctor would have done that? She ordered a battery of tests including a blood test to understand my diagnosis. Come to find out...it was not just my blood pressure. I was 51 at the time and felt absolutely horrible 100% of the time! I was also a whopping 250 lbs! I had hot flashes most of the day and night sweats that kept me tossing and turning all night! I was so sleep deprived that I couldn't function! Other symptoms included brain fog, poor memory, no energy, no sex drive, etc., etc. I thought I was losing my mind! The thought of being making love to my husband was revolting! My mom had always told me about the hot flashes, but I never realized that all the rest of my symptoms were related to my body's hormones or in this case the lack of. Once we had a clear picture of what my body needed, Dr. Taylor prescribed a series of all natural, Bio-identical Hormones to replace what my body was not making. This included Bi-Est (Estrogen), Progesterone and Testosterone. She monitors the ingredients herself at Advantages Pharmacy located right in her office. She also put me on Women's Energy Formula, Super EPA, Cholesterol Low and Joint Ease for my joints. My knees hurt so badly...I couldn't go up and down the stairs without pain! It didn't take long for me to start feeling like a new woman! After a few months, I went back and repeated my blood tests. Dr. Taylor made a few adjustments and I was on my way to being a happy, healthy, vital woman again! I've been participating in the Taylor Wellness Advantage program for 6 years now and have NEVER felt better. I feel better at 56 than I did when I was 30! My blood pressure has stabilized and my weight has dropped tremendously! All of the above symptoms have disappeared and my husband (who is also on the program) and I are having the time of our lives! We go dancing and are having more fun now than we did when we first married over 26 years ago! The Taylor Wellness Advantage has changed our lives!

      - Debbie, Kingwood, Texas

      Taylor Family Practice is an amazing facility for all my family member’s health needs. The front desk staff is friendly and organized. The nurses are thorough and kind. Dr. Taylor is a Master when it comes to Hormone Therapy as well as any medical issues with which I have had to contend. The other practitioners also offer wonderful care. I travel over an hour to see them because there is no comparable care nearby. I highly recommend Taylor Family Practice!

      - Dina

      My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Taylor since she's been practicing in the Humble area and couldn't be happier.

      She's taken care of our family and always had our health and best interest at heart. Going to see her is always like visiting a long time friend.

      - Shannon

      Dr Taylor has been treating the Rosier's a long time. She has a personality you love or hate. We love her. Shes professional, knowledgeable, funny and personable. She cares! If unsure she will refer you out. When I'm sick I always know who to go to so I can feel better. We love you Doc and wish you a blessed holidays 🖤

      - Stephanie

      Best Doctor and staff, even though my insurance changed and Dr Taylor is not on my network any longer. I remain a fateful patient.
      She spends as much time needed during the appointment to best solve any concern or questions i might have.

      - Alejandro

      Dr Taylor really takes time to discuss with you your needs. I’ve been seeing her for over 5 years now and can’t say enough good things about her. Her staff is fantastic and she’s Incredible! 5 stars is not enough!!

      - Stephanie

      Dr. Taylor does not rush me through my concerns. She addresses them and makes recommendations that I believe are not just for the immediate needs but to ensure long term health. She was recommended to me by a friend and I have recommended her to others that now see her as well. Grateful for her.

      - Ann

      Dr Taylor is extremely passionate about her work. She cares and it shows. Her crew are awesome as well.

      - Bill

      I truly believe Dr. Taylor saved my life. Because of her high standard of care and routine tests, she found thyroid cancer in the early stage. I am forever indebted to her for her kindness, care and thorough care.

      - Shari

      Both Dr. Taylor and her staff are terrific. I appreciate her direct, no-nonsense approach to health.

      - Alison

      Dr. Taylor is always amazing! Love going to her, she answers every question and is always honest!

      - Emilie

      Dr Taylor is an exceptional find. Anyone who knows anything about alternative medicine knows how few MDs are actually knowledgeable on anything but chemical synthetic medication (with all the side affects) for treatment. Dr Taylor's compounding background means she knows precisely what to prescribe that will support the body and your health naturally. I feel super blessed to be a patient. Dr Taylor has also been very kind to my disabled sister and helped her tremendously. I know the practice of medicine is super stressful with all regulations and government restrictions as it becomes increasingly socialized, my family is very thankful Dr Jill Taylor is willing to wade through the red tape morass to provide such invaluable service.

      - Diana

      Persuaded me to try a treatment that my gastroenterologist never bothered to mention. Within two months my UC was in complete remission. Who hoo!

      - Dan

      Dr. Taylor is an excellent physician. most people do not like her bluntness, but I do. She calls it the way she see it. Love her.

      - Wanda

      Dr. Taylor is by far the best and most helpful doctor I've ever had! The major difference from other doctors and Dr. Taylor, in my opinion, she will be 100% honest with you and will be very straight forward. I know I can fully trust her as my doctor, which I've never had that experience before. I've been told that I MIGHT have PCOS, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, for about 3 years, but no doctor would confirm it, they would just through me on a low estrogen birth control and send me on my way. They couldn't ever answer any of my questions and or fully explain what it meant. After being told the same story by my last (4th) OB/GYN I decided to look up PCOS Specialist in Houston and Dr. Taylor popped up. I scheduled an appointment and haven't been anywhere else since. No, Dr. Taylor isn't an OB/GYN but she was the ONLY doctor to ever explain fully what was going on in my body, do test, ultrasounds and blood work to CONFIRM I had PCOS and then found actual solutions to help with it! Thank the Lord! PCOS is in basic term a hormonal disorder, and Dr. Taylor specializes in Bioidentical Hormones. She only gives me EXACTLY what my body needs based on blood work, test and ultrasounds - not theory. Not only that, but her hormones are natural - "not horse piss" like what's in birth control. One thing you might want to be prepared for is Dr. Taylor does have colorful language, but all in the most respect and never derogatory. I personally like this about her, makes me feel a lot more comfortable with her! I couldn't recommend Dr. Taylor enough!!!

      - Emilie

      Before I came here, I thought I was being treated for low thyroid... I was taking pills but not making a difference.

      I was really feeling Cuckoo, I had just had two babies in two years and I really didn’t realize how unbalanced I was. I even made a visit to a psych (who threw psych meds at me)

      I started seeing Dr.Taylor’s and done blood work and turns out I was very low in thyroid hormones and woman hormones and high in Testosterone!! Dr.Jill Taylor helped me realize I wasn’t crazy but unbalanced! Thank God! So I’m on natural hormone therapy now trying to get balanced and already feel a difference without taking psych meds!

      Dr.Taylor, clearly speaks her mind and calls it how she sees it, never had a doctor that forward but I’m glad she is always ready to get down to the root of the problem. God bless her and the practice!

      - Cheilsea

      I have seen Dr. Taylor for several years, if she isnt available I see Ms. Vicki. My Hashimoto's is almost gone thanks to Dr. Taylor. She helped my husband when several other doctors could not. She thinks outside of the box and gets straight to the point and the root of the problem!

      - Teresa

      always a great experience and very satisfied with service

      - Tony

      Dr Taylor is great!! She listens to everything you say. And the questionnaire is very very thorough!!

      - Rebecca

      Dr. Taylor has found treatments that work for anything our family has ever needed! She knows her stuff and she will tell you the truth! ❤️

      - Amanda

      I have to go to several medical institutions for my “issues”..do we always hit the nail on the head as the saying goes?..NO..It’s the ones who are willing to listen and work together with you to help relieve or resolve the “issues”, those ones are the gems and Taylor’s office has GEMS!!!

      - Kimbrlee

      Dr. Taylor Rocks! I'd been a patient since 1999. In 2004, moved out of town, and now have come back to Houston. Living in Jersey Village, I still drive to Kingwood to re-establish my relationship with Jill. She is the most caring and comprehensive doctor. She provides true holistic care, out of the box for traditional physicians. The 4 yrs I was gone from this area were terrible, searching for a new doc, but never quite finding one who I could trust and feel as comfortable with as I am with Dr. Taylor. She's just the best in my book.

      - Cindy

      Been seeing Dr. Taylor for many years Love Dr. Taylor. She's from the north, and has truck driver language, but she is a great Dr. If you are offended, try not to be judge and jury. At least she is herself. Look past the plank in your own eye and see the person and great Dr. that she can be for you.

      - Shelly

      The staff is friendly & efficient. Doc Taylor is up front and truthful. I trust her more than I've trusted any other doctor. She knows what she's talking about and her getting me on the right health care plan has benefited my attitude & well being.

      - Donna

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