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      Health is governed by many things; it depends on a complex interaction of the body's organs and chemical processes. Aside from the generally known benefits of a good diet and regular exercise, there are several items not so well known that greatly impact our physical and mental health:

      Utilizing natural solutions to health problems is the focus of Dr. Jill Taylor’s Wellness Advantage Program. Our goal is to enable you to enjoy a better quality of life, naturally, by strengthening your immune system, achieving your optimum hormonal balance, and improving your nutrition.

      Call our practice today at (281) 369-9514 to set up a consultation and learn how we can help you achieve your optimum state of health.

      Low State of Health is NOT "Normal"

      Many people experience a decline in their health so gradually that it is not noticed until the symptoms are severe. Most try to live with this low state of health because they believe it is a natural result of the aging process, or because the traditional approaches are not effective. People often give up on the desire to be healthy and accept not feeling well as "normal".

      A low state of health is not "normal", and we can help you do something about it. The key to a healthy mind and body is not always found in prescription drugs. In most cases, health and wellness can be achieved through a comprehensive and natural approach to medical care. The Taylor Wellness Advantage Program utilizes this approach to bring you back to your optimum condition of physical and mental health.

      Identifying the Causes of Your Health Problems

      We begin the process by listening to you. We want to know all about the history of your health. Through carefully designed questionnaires we assess your state of health and determine the likely causes of any health problems.

      If hormone, adrenal or thyroid problems are the cause, then we put you on a program of natural, bioidentical hormones to get your body back in balance. These are not the same as the synthetic chemicals used in traditional hormone replacement therapy; these are FDA approved compounds that are identical to the chemicals naturally produced by your body. So, you don't experience any negative side effects.

      If a yeast overgrowth is the source of the problems, then you begin a program of diet and special supplements to kill off the harmful yeast and restore the healthy balance of flora in your digestive system.

      If improved nutrition is all you need for optimum health, we will advise you on the best combination of vitamin and mineral supplements and any necessary changes in dietary habits to help you achieve your peak condition.

      The health of each patient is treated holistically, that is to say, we consider your complete medical history and all your symptoms before determining the best approach to making you well.

      Why You Should Choose Taylor Wellness Advantage?

      Why Taylor Wellness Advantage?



      Our Team

      Dr. Jill Taylor

      It is important to learn about the doctor with whom you trust your health. A combination of formal education, training, and experience form Dr. Taylor's credentials, which uniquely qualify her to provide you with the best approach to achieving your optimum health.

      Donald Hund, DC, NP-C 

      Dr. Donald Hund practices as both a Family Nurse Practitioner and a Chiropractor. Dr. Hund has been practicing Chiropractor for over 30 years.

      He is a graduate of Texas Chiropractic College, The University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston (UTMB), and Angelo State University.

      His training includes various types of rehabilitative techniques, physical medicine, manual therapy, and family practice. He is also trained in Active-Release Technique and is a Certified McKenzie Practitioner.

      He has post-graduate training in Trigger Point and Joint Injections, Sports Injuries (CCSP- Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner), Chiropractic Rehabilitation, and Chiropractic Nutrition.

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