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      The word hormone comes from the Greek word Hormaein - meaning to excite. Hormones are potent chemicals produced by endocrine glands that secrete hormones into your bloodstream. The hormones serve as messengers from your brain, telling your internal organs how to function.

      Hormone Balancing and Optimization for Women

      Hormone Optimization for Women in Humble TX

      Sex hormone imbalances can occur at puberty, after childbirth, in midlife, after tubal ligation or hysterectomy, while taking birth control pills or counterfeit female hormones, such as Premarin and Provera.

      The female hormonal balance between the estrogen hormones and progesterone is essential for women to obtain and maintain health and wellness. The three human estrogens require the balance of progesterone to prevent the hyper effects of estrogen which can lead to a host of health problems. Good health occurs when the hormones in the body are produced in adequate amounts and are in proper balance. Think of this as hormonal harmony.

      The estrogen hormones and progesterone decline as a woman ages to around 35. But progesterone declines much more rapidly than the estrogen hormones.

      We listen to your unique description of symptoms and then prescribe the appropriate natural hormones to achieve hormonal balance to resolve your symptoms. Natural hormones are derived from plants and then molecularly changed to be authentic, biologically identical hormone molecules that your body used to produce before menopause, or which is currently producing but in less than adequate amounts to provide hormonal balance.

      Depending on the degree of the progesterone deficiency, estrogen dominance may manifest itself with one, some, or all of the following hyper effects:

      • Premenstrual breast tenderness
      • Premenstrual mood swings, irritability, and depression
      • Premenstrual fluid retention and weight gain
      • Premenstrual headaches, including migraines
      • Heavier periods often associated with clotting
      • Irregular menstrual cycles
      • Menstrual cramping
      • Fibrocystic breast disease
      • Uterine fibroids
      • Loss of sexual desires
      • Anxiety and panic attacks
      • Infertility
      • Insomnia and restless sleep
      • Bone loss, osteopenia and osteoporosis
      • Adrenal gland fatigue
      • Auto-immune disorders
      • Triggering of allergies associated with more frequent respiratory illnesses
      • Urinary frequency
      • Easy loss of urine when coughing, laughing, or sneezing
      • Recurrent bladder infections
      • Frequent headaches, including migraines, throughout the month
      • Dry eyes
      • Increase in body fat
      • Sagging skin and wrinkles
      • Decreased mental sharpness
      • Gall Bladder Disease
      • Polycystic Ovaries
      • Elevated cholesterol
      • Breast cancer
      • Cancer of the uterus
      • Hypothyroidism

      Although progesterone and estrogen are the two dominant hormones that women produce, it is important to remember that women also produce small doses of testosterone. For women, the production of testosterone peaks at ovulation to stimulate a woman's desire for sexual relations.

      Testosterone has the following effects on the body:

      • Relieves panic or anxiety attacks
      • Gives a sense of well being
      • Decreases body fat and cholesterol
      • Increases and enhances libido
      • Increases muscle tone (bladder, heart, etc.) and bone mass
      • Enhances cognitive thinking and math ability
      • Converts inactive thyroid (T4) to active thyroid (T3)
      Hormone Optimization for Men in Humble TX

      Hormone Balancing and Optimization for Men

      Men's testicles produce both sperm and testosterone, the male hormone. The presence of this hormone creates the physical, emotional, and male mindset that dramatically differentiates men from women. Review the following list of effects that the hormone testosterone has in men.

      • Causes the formation of the internal and external male sex organs
      • Promotes the development of the mass, strength, and tone of the muscles
      • Decreases body fat
      • Stimulates the formation and increase of bone mass
      • Stimulates the production of red blood cells by the bone marrow
      • Enhances libido and sexual potency
      • Initiates the production of sperm by the testicles
      • Increase metabolism by enhancing the conversion of the inactive thyroid hormone, T4, to the active thyroid hormone, T3, within the cells
      • Promotes heart function
      • Initiates male pattern behavior, initiative, assertiveness, and sense of well-being, self-confidence, elevated moods, decisiveness, goal orientation, abstract thinking, and mathematical ability.

      By the time a man is 40 years old, his testosterone level will be approximately ½ what it was when it peaked in his twenties. By the time a man is 50 years old, it will be 1/3 of its peak; at 60 it will ¼ or less of its peak level.

      The signs and symptoms of low testosterone are as follows:

      • Loss of muscle mass and strength
      • Decrease in the size of the penis
      • Erection difficulties
      • Decline in libido
      • Increased body fat around the waist
      • Lower red blood cell count
      • Decrease hair in the pubic area and under the arms
      • Diminished stamina and endurance
      • Loss of energy
      • Depressed and irritable moods
      • Lack of motivation
      • Lack of goals
      • Poor sense of well being
      • Loss of initiative and assertiveness
      • Loss of interest in work
      • Focusing on retirement prematurely
      • Bone loss and osteoporosis

      There is a natural decline in testicular function with age which is associated with a concomitant decline in testosterone. This is common in males but is not healthy.

      The decline in testosterone and other hormones is the prelude to the degenerative diseases which afflict men as they age, such as heart disease, arthritis, obesity, high blood pressure, adult-onset diabetes, and cancer. While these diseases may occur in younger individuals, their incidental to age and the associated decline in hormones. Counterfeit testosterone has also been linked to severe liver disorders including liver cancer.

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